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Caribbean Community Theatre Turns 30!

CCT-turns-30Caribbean Community Theatre celebrates its 30th Anniversary of producing theatrical shows on St. Croix. Established in 1985, CCT presents a full season of live theatre from November through July.

Their production of Dreamgirls begins Friday, February 6, for three consecutive weekends. Dreamgirls is an award-winning musical based upon the show business aspirations and successes of R&B acts such as The Supremes, The Shirelles, James Brown, Jackie Wilson and others. The musical follows the story of a young female singing trio called "The Dreams," who become music superstars.

Dreamgirls opened on December 20, 1981 at the Imperial Theatre in New York. It was nominated for 13 Tony Awards, including the Tony Award for Best Musical, and won six; later it was adapted into a motion picture from DreamWorks and Paramount.

"We are very excited to present this spectacular musical, and I could not be more thrilled about my fabulous cast," says director Christine Thomas. "The incredible music will have our audiences dancing in their seats, and the plotlines are riveting."

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Virgin Islands History Celebrated at Christiansted National Historic Site


virgin-islands-historyIn March 2015, the National Park Service on St. Croix will feature a temporary exhibition highlighting Reverend Kenneth Barta's lifelong research in the history of the Virgin Islands, displaying some of the important reference materials recently donated to the Christiansted National Historic Site and now available through the National Park Service.

The Rev. Barta's legacy in the Virgin Islands is one of historic and personal impact for many. Born in 1924, the son of a U.S. Navy commander stationed in St. Thomas and his wife of a prominent Danish West Indies family, they left the island when Kenneth was five years old, but he always considered the Virgin Islands his ancestral home and returned here many times.

He served as the National Park Service Historian for the units on St. John and St. Croix from 1985-1990, followed by his moving to California. After settling in San Diego he continued his research and served as a priest there, even when his eyesight declined due to macular degeneration. His life was dedicated to the Episcopal Church, the history of the Virgin Islands, and genealogy. Upon his death in 2012, a St. Croix donor ensured that Rev. Barta's wish of having his great collection of reference material returned to the islands was fulfilled.

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Joe's Bar & Grille!

joes-bar-grille-title"My wife and I grew up in Brooklyn and Queens, in traditional Italian-American families where food was at the center of all gatherings; a cultural tradition. Families and friends would congregate to share stories, and spend time together; no meal was rushed.

Your senses were stimulated by the aromas, presentations and conversations," says Joe Lokitis, owner at Joe's Bar & Grille in the Sunny Isle Shopping Center Annex.

Three years ago, Joe and his wife Claire, had the chance to live on a tropical island, an opportunity that doesn't come along very often! Joe had always enjoyed cooking and, since both his parents worked, started at the young age of 12. "Growing up and working in Italian restaurants in New York, I always envisioned owning one. That dream became a reality here on St. Croix with Joe's Bar & Grille," he says.

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Meet Cover Artist Jamila Hammad

"We were tired of New Jersey winters so we decided to move to St. Croix nearly ten years ago now," says Jamila Hammad. "My husband and I came on vacation and fell in love with the island. By staying in a vacation villa and food shopping like the locals, it gave us a taste of what life would be like here. We felt it was different from other islands with a strong infrastructure for residents. Besides, my husband and I were both freelancers and could telecomute from anywhere so it worked out well that way, too."

cover-artist-jamila"I had a career in corporate marketing before I became an artist but have been sewing off and on for 25 years. At first it was random projects for the home and then about 12 years ago I began making art quilts. I saw an exhibit of art quilts and I knew that's what I wanted to do. I loved the texture that can be created with fabric, thread and various embellishments like buttons and sequins. I also loved the combination of traditional quilting techniques with modern art aesthetics."

How long does it take to make one of her quilts? "It can take me months to conceptualize an idea because I first have to invent a technique to get the effect that I want. If I want to capture the irridescense of water, I'll figure out a technique via layers of organza, or I'll create the texture of a brain coral with thread via machine stitching. The execution of the piece can take from a few days to a couple of weeks."

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VI Bridal Guide: Breakfast Weddings

vi-bridal-guide-breakfast-weddingsWhen I was in college I remember students finding any excuse to party. Equally, I remember the wide range of party themes from silly to downright bad, but fun nonetheless. One theme that I found fun and interesting was the St. Patrick's day kegs and eggs party. It was an interesting spin on the traditional party timeline. You party all night or get up early in the morning and celebrate (or continue celebrating) with breakfast and beer.

Now, long removed from the carefree days of college, I have found in my professional life I still love being a part of a celebration hence my career as a wedding photographer. I also enjoying clients who are willing to consider something different, like a breakfast wedding. I have photographed a handful of early morning weddings and every time I beg the question why don't more couples choose this option?

The sunsets are beautiful in the Caribbean and particularly on St. Croix, which is why many of my clients are drawn to that time of day. However, mornings are still very cool in temperature and often less buggy, the colors are spectacularly vibrant and picturesque, and beaches and other public spaces are practically vacant.

Finally, following a breakfast wedding, the entire day and night are open for celebrating, napping, and celebrating more. The downside is getting up early. However, if you are a morning person (like myself) getting up early is just a detail. Cheers to trying new things! Happy planning.

For more info, planning tips, and resources visit

Quiana L. Adams,
Managing Editor

Danish Visitors Searching for Traces of the Past

If you, on your errands to Christiansted, encounter groups of twenty or so well-behaved adults walking with a leader briefing them, you can be pretty sure they are Danes visiting our islands with a purpose. They are looking for traces of their country's former ownership of the Danish West Indies, as today's U.S. Virgin Islands were called.

In the case of St. Croix, 1733 was the year a Danish trading company known as the Danish West India and Guinea Company acquired this island to make profits on the importation of enslaved persons from Africa and the sale of sugar cane that they were brought here to cultivate. Huge fortunes were made on a crop that today is of limited value; in fact, sugar cane has not been grown here commercially since 1966, years after the islands were sold to the U.S. in 1917.

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Sea-Thru Kayaks VI-The Best Thing To Do After Dark!


sea-thru-kayak-article-1For the past five years, visitors and locals have become captivated by St. Croix's only completely see-through kayak tour, Sea-Thru Kayaks VI, run by long-time local Craig Scott. Come see why locals call them the "best thing on St. Croix to do after dark."

Participants glide through crystal clear water with the flip of a paddle and watch the underwater world surrounding and beneath them. One of our island's most special attractions is the nighttime bioluminescence tour, visible three weeks out of the month. A visitor from Colorado likened the experience to "Avatar's magical land of Pandora." The kayaks skim over the dark water agitating bioluminescent organisms causing them to light up, engulfing the kayak and any other moving objects. "The bioluminescence in the bay is vast and stunning," said a recent visitor.

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The Schooner Roseway Serving St. Croix Students for 9th Year!

It's that time of year when you look out across the Caribbean sea and spot the majestic red sails of Roseway, making her way in and out of Gallows Bay. Marking her ninth year as St. Croix's Tall Ship, World Ocean School's Roseway will continue her primary mission of providing education programs at sea for St. Croix's public schools.

As World Ocean School wraps up another busy year that served over 2,200 students on board Roseway in St. Croix, and her home port of Boston, they are excited to be back in Christiansted for the start of a new year. Having just sailed 3,800 miles from Boston to St. Croix over the course of 9 weeks with 20 students on board, the crew is ready to be back on island.

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Buck Island Reef National Monument

buck-island-national-monument-titlePart 3 in a series

buck-island-national-monument-badgeBuck Island Reef National Monument was established by John F. Kennedy's Presidential proclamation in 1961 to preserve "one of the finest marine gardens in the Caribbean Sea." In 2001, it was enlarged, by President William Clinton, to 19,045 acres, creating the first fully protected Marine Protected Area in the entire National Park Service.

Voted in 2012 as one of the most 10 secluded beaches in the world, the island has been used as a resource by locals for more than 1800 years. By A.D. 400, Amerindian peoples of St. Croix were coming to Buck Island to fish, gather conch, and possibly sea turtle and bird eggs. Archeological investigations have identified the location of their camps by their cooking hearths. Colonial-era Europeans took little interest in Buck Island as a habitation site, but removed the precious Lignum Vitae tree. The wood is denser than some metals when dried, and Buck Island was clear-cut in the late 18th century for its use in ship and building construction. After it was clear-cut, non-native plants and animals, such as tan-tan, tamarind, guinea grass, coconut palms, rats, goats, and mongoose, significantly changed the appearance of the island.

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Navigating Real Estate in 2015 - Let Us Point You in the Right Direction!

As we start this brand new year, we are excited about the trends we are seeing in our St. Croix real estate market. The last few years have been a boon to buyers as St. Croix has navigated through tough economic times due to the closing of our largest employer, an oil refinery that has existed here since the 60s.

As conditions in the U.S. have improved, and many have seen their own financial situation stabilize and increase, the pent-up demand for second homes or vacation property has escalated. This coincided with the discovery that St. Croix prices, compared to those in other resort markets, had become so attractive that we saw our inventory evaporate in several sectors.

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