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Crucian Christmas Traditions

crucian-christmas-traditionsby Nina York

Tradition plays a large role in the Virgin Islands and, back in former days of slavery, Christmas and Easter were the only times the enslaved population were given time off. That called for celebration, which consisted of dressing up in costumes, masquerading, and making calls at other plantations, where dancing and merrymaking marked these gatherings. But with religious life playing a large role, churchgoing to celebrate the birth of Christ was and remains a major seasonal activity.

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Galangal's Evolving

galanga-articleThe slickest dish on Galangal's current menu isn't one of the white-tablecloth restaurant's signature curries, made from fragrant pastes imported direct from Bangkok. It isn't the tamarind- laced pad thai noodles. It's not even the burnished-crust New York strip-the island's most decadent take on steak frites-garnished with fiery-sweet Thai chile jam and a pipinghot pile of crispy, generously seasoned fries.

No, as Galangal enters its sixth season of offering national-caliber modern Thai, we predict the sleeper hit will be the Trio of Fresh Fish (pictured), a new dish featuring seared bronzino with pickled vegetables and caper butter; grilled organic salmon over silky turnip pur'ee; and a hot, crispy spring roll bursting with sashimi-grade tuna tartare.

Dreamed up by new chef de cuisine Kenneth Biggs, this pescatarian tour de force encapsulates in one single, breathtaking entree Galangal's distinctive approach to Thai cuisine- the freshest ingredients, the most authentic flavors, gussied up with classical French technique-and the direction the restaurant continues to evolve. Even better: The nuanced flavors just so happen to pair beautifully with the restaurant's Wine Spectator-recognized list of grand cru wines served at cellar temperature.

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Meet Cover Artist Ken Daley


cover-artist-ken-daley"My parents emigrated to Canada in 1972 and moved to Cambridge, Ontario where my younger brother and I were born," says Ken. "I've been to St. Croix many times to visit family and stayed for weeks at a time. My grandma lives on St. Croix as well as my uncle and many cousins.

My father used to draw when he was back in Dominica, so I believe that he passed on that gift to me. Both my parents noticed my growing interest in drawing and music, so they enrolled me into art and music classes at an early age.

I had a great childhood, but I also encountered racial ignorance and prejudice. Being a person of color, in a predominately white town, did have its difficulties but having a small close-knit black community growing up helped formed my identity and instilled a sense of pride of who I am. It's through these social gatherings where I learned about my roots and culture.

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VI Bridal Guide: Devil In the Details

vi-bridal-guide-devil-detailsEveryone loves a deal and, when your planning a wedding, the deals seem few and far between. As soon as you mention the word wedding, the price tag seems to magically double. Every bride wants to have a fabulous event, but at what cost?

I recently had an experience with a perspective client who wanted to book my service, but made another choice purely based on price. I am a believer that every experience is an opportunity for growth. I also feel that every bride should do what they feel is best.

What I want to share with brides, however, (no matter what vendors they choose) is be cautious about the "deals" you accept during your planning process. As the old saying goes, the 'devil is in the details.'

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A Tradition of Holiday Giving & Goodwill Endures


holiday-givingThere is a marked difference between the seasonal ambiance in Denmark and the U.S. Virgin Islands at this time of year. While Denmark, thanks to its northerly location, has to deal with days of relatively brief daylight periods and often cold and clammy weather, in great contrast to the bright days of summer, our area as it experiences the winter solstice just before Christmas, enjoys far less abbreviation of our usual sunny days and the seasonal temperature difference is not nearly as dramatic.

What does unite both locations is the celebration of Christmas, and while there understandably would be a difference in the manner this holiday season is enjoyed in two different cultures and climates, the expression of good will toward mankind, especially the needy, is common to both.

One favorite local charity for holiday donations is actually a legacy of Danish times. It is an institution that since 1904 has had a great impact on this community, the Queen Louise Home for Children. Founded at the urging of the Danish queen who learned of the alarming infant mortality in the Danish West Indies, it has over the years provided a caring home for neglected and abused children until their families were able to fulfill their role as parents.

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A Family Who Found Their Way to the Water


family-who-foundFreedom City Surf Board Shop and Grill started in 2010 as SUP Adventure Fitness with owners Pi Presto, her son Q Everest, and life partner Bill Ruggiero. Bill, a professional ice hockey goaltender, Q, a youth hockey goalie, and Pi, a classical dancer, fitness trainer, and mom of three, decided to take a break from the 'cold' and head to St Croix, USVI to learn permaculture at Creque Dam Farm (now Ridge to Reef Farm).

Nine years ago, Pi was a flight attendant and first read about Stand Up Paddle boarding in a magazine left behind by a passenger. She thought it would be a great off-season training tool for ice hockey players, working their core, balance, and endurance and getting them out of the gym in the summer months.

With only a backpack apiece and with SUP on the back burner, Pi, Bill, & Q made their journey to the St. Croix farm where their adventure begins. Even while homeschooling Q, working several restaurants on the West End and Bill doing construction up on the farm and all three cooking, they always found there way to the water. It wasn't long before all three Board Shop & Beach Grill, Frederiksted Beach. A Family Who Found Their Way to the Water decided to 'go all the way' and invest in 10 SUP and start SUP Adventure Fitness.

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Swim With the Dolphins!


dolphinsSunday, January 11th, 2015, marks the 11th year of the St. Croix Dolphins Swim Team's Annual

Sea Swim, a one-mile swim with something for everyone, this event is open to swimmers of all ages and abilities. The race begins with a leap from the Frederiksted Pier into the calm, crystal blue waters of St. Croix's west end and finishes with a barbeque and awards at Rainbow Beach. Last year, the race included over 150 swimmers from ages 7 to 70, tri-athletes, college swim teams, the Dolphins Swim Team, members of the Puerto Rican National Team, and community members looking for something fun to do on a Sunday morning.

The swim begins at 11:00am. There are ten different age categories, including a fin/snorkel category, and a special prize for the fastest parent/child teams. Swimmers last year took between 22 minutes and one hour to complete the event. Kayakers will be in the water to ensure safety.

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St. Croix's National Parks

stx-national-parksPart 2 in a series

stx-national-parksSalt River Bay National Historical Park and Ecological Preserve (NHP&EP) is on the north coast of the island of St. Croix, U.S. Virgin Islands (USVI). St. Croix is the largest of our four islands that comprise the USVI that include St. John, St. Thomas, and Water Island. The USVI part of the Lesser Antilles and lie on the boundary between the Greater and Lesser Antilles island chain of the Caribbean, making this an important crossroad in the settlement and colonial history of the New World. Salt River Bay, a rich and diverse natural estuarine ecosystem, has been the site of human habitation for 2000 years. The park preserves, protects, studies, and interprets internationally significant historical and cultural sites that encompass millennia of human use of the diverse tropical, marine, and terrestrial ecosystems that comprise the Salt River watershed.

On February 24, 1992, Public Law 102-247 established Salt River Bay National Historical Park and Ecological Preserve as a national park unit. The enabling legislation for the park framed a co-management structure between the Government of the Virgin Islands and the National Park Service (NPS). The park's legislated boundary protects 1,015 acres, which are the responsibility of the Government of the Virgin Islands of the United States and the NPS. The legislated boundary encompasses lands along both sides of Salt River Bay, the bay itself, and extends into the open ocean to include coral reefs and portions of a submarine canyon. The park is a complex mosaic of federally, territorially, and privately owned property as well as waters under territorial jurisdiction within the park's boundary. This park uses a congressionally mandated collaborative management strategy between NPS and the Department of Planning and Natural Resources of the Government of the Virgin Islands of the United States.

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A Week in the Life...


by Amy Land-de-Wilde

As I was scanning back through this last week on St. Croix, I was reminded how much there is to see and do on our tiny island in the middle of the deep blue Caribbean. And just to remind you, St. Croix is totally surrounded by the Caribbean Sea and doesn't have the rougher waters of the Atlantic touching our shores.

On a drive I take every day, I'm greeted by a glorious male peacock or two grazing in a grassy area for all to admire. I have to say that no matter how many times I drive by, I still smile each and every time. The peacock owners used to have an emu, too. He once escaped and was galumphing toward one of our loveliest neighborhoods adjacent to a golf course. The juxtaposition of "emu" to "manicured golf course" was hilarious. Because of the nature of small-island living, we all knew who to call to come and corral the emu. Talk about putting a smile on your face! (Actually, that was more like a guffaw!)

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Skywatch December 2014 and January 2015


On any clear, dark night you can see a few falling or shooting stars. Meteors, as the flashes of light are more properly called, happen so quickly that by the time you say to a friend "look over there", the meteor will be gone. These are not stars at all, but small bits of pebble-sized dust and rock burning up some 50 miles above the Earth as they race through the Earth's atmosphere.

From time-to-time the Earth passes through a cloud of such dust and rock left behind by a comet; then we experience a meteor shower. There are four meteor shows more or less visible during these two months.

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