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Celebrating 50 Years: VI-PR Friendship


celebrating-50-yearsThe VI-PR Friendship Committee has been celebrating for many, many years. Well, 50, to be exact! It's been our mission to recognize the contributions of Puerto Ricans to the betterment of this community and to strengthen the family-friendship ties that have bound us together for so long. Also, to bring everybody (Puerto Ricans, all Hispanics and the entire community) activities and events that bring togetherness and brotherhood to the forefront of our lives.

Over the years, we have gone from honoring just individuals to now honoring outstanding students, service organizations, persons with disabilities, citizens for our youth, citizens for sports and, this year small business owners who have made it against all odds and who have always found a place in their hearts to help the community.

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Celebrating 50 Years: Friends of Denmark


celebrating-50-yearsTurning 50 is a joyful occasion for persons as well organizations, and the St. Croix Friends of Denmark Society, is doing it in style, with a November 8th Gala Celebration, at Government House of Quelbe music and dance, elegant finger food and drink, and reminiscences starting with 1964 when a group of community-minded local citizens, prompted by a Danish tourism promoter, started this friendship organization. Two elderly members are to receive special recognition of their contributions, and an extensive booklet covering 50 years of memories to be published. With the season of the annual Danish visitor invasion having started, we may see quite a few celebrants from the old country. The enduring affection among Danes for her former colonies here, along with so much enthusiasm for Denmark here, has given the Society much to be proud of and look back on.

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Women Empowerment Project, Inc.


Sonya Ltd--50th Anniversary Year!

sonya-ltdDavid and Sonya Hough moved to St. Croix in 1964 with five children. David taught art in the public schools and soon he and Sonya opened Sun Arts Corner Shop on Company Street. Together they sold art supplies, macrame, hand-made batik cloth and dresses. Sonya had taken a jewelry class before moving here enabling her to make a piece now and then and, when it sold, make another. After a few years, Sonya and David decided to change the name of the store to Sonya ltd. The now-famous hook bracelet was not made that first year but the jewelry was soon taking over the shop.

David designed the pieces and Sonya made them. He also continued to teach and make art work until his death in 1995. The family still owns and operates the business, and Sonya still makes custom pieces and is very involved with the store, her family, and the community through contributions to Lutheran Social Services, Women's Coalition and St. Croix Animal Welfare. She now has six grandchildren! Over the 50 years, Sonya admits that she has had a wonderful staff and jewelery designers but, more than that, she says, "we have been blessed with wonderful and loyal customers!" This year Sonya is celebrating her 84th birthday along with the 50th Anniversary of the jewelry store with a celebration around Labor Day. Custom 50th anniversary bracelets, key chains and earrings are available along with other jewelry items.

Sonya's true claim to fame is having the oldest jewelry store on St. Croix and, of course, her hook bracelets. Her custom made pieces can be found on customers all around the world.

Sonya ltd • 340-773-8924 • www.sonyaltd.com

Farm Fresh: Where to Find It


Sat, 10-12 noon

Luca Gasperi offers quality organic fruits, vegetables, herbs & more! www.artfarmllc.com

Christian "Shan" Hendricks Farmer's Market
Saturdays, 8 am - 3 pm, Christiansted

Support our local growers at this revitalized VI Dept. of Agriculture market!

La Reine Farmers' Market
Sat, 6:30 am 11 am

VI Dept of Agriculture features vendors with local vegetables, fruits, plants, & trees.

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Beer Buzz--Every Week is Craft Beer Week at ALE HOUSE!

beer-buzzSome of the best beers in the world can be found at ALE HOUSE in Gallows Bay, a fullservice beverage store specializing in Craft Beers--200 of them from as far away as New Zealand!

Defining craft beer can be different to each individual. The one thing everyone can agree on is that each beer has a story and is full of the passion and hard work that it took to create. "Craft Beers are typically made in small batches from the highest quality materials available. If you believe that all beer is yellow with a white head, as I did ten years ago, we have a surprise for you. I know that some people say that they don't like beer, but I have a beer for almost every taste. Come by and sample! I think that you will be pleasantly surprised," says Dan Gaulton, owner.

Taste the difference silence can make! ALE HOUSE carries six of the nine Trappist beers in world. These beers are made in monasteries by monks and are the benchmark in quality for the beer industry. Come and enjoy six of the original "Sacred Seven."

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Meet Cover Artist Kate Knapp


artist-kate-knapp"I have been coming to St Croix since my first visit in 1989 when my parents rented Butler Bay for the month of March. After the hurricane hit (Hugo) I took several years off and explored other West Indian islands only to return to St Croix as I liked it the best of all I had experienced.

My husband and I were fortunate enough to know Preston and Mona (Lawaetz) Doane who helped us find our way around St Croix and suggested we get acquainted with Cheney Bay. We have now been staying there for years and have a time share which we use every March. At one time we bought some property on Miss Bea Rd. which we loved, but were unable to build due to the change in the economy and have since sold it much to our dismay.

I am able to do a lot of painting while I am here as I sit on all the different beaches and other wonderful vantage points. I am very grateful that The Top Hat Gallery invited me to show my work several years ago and has introduced me to many who are interested in art.

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VI Bridal Guide: Becoming the Inspiration

vi-bridal-guide-inspirationI recently met with a couple on St. Croix who were here to do a site visit for their upcoming wedding. They were quite busy meeting with all of their vendors, reviewing the various locations within the venue, deciding on their menu, and trying to address all of the other details in preparation for their big day. Wedding production was in full swing!

During our meeting, we first discussed all of the business matters pertaining to their wedding photography--timelines, coverage flow, and event features. With my clients, once we have the business details covered, I always make a point to find out what their expectations are for the photography, and if there is a "look" that they are going for. This is always my favorite part of a client meeting because it reveals so much about a couple's focus and intentions.

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The Story of a Rare Denmark - St. Croix Plant Connection


This true but amazing story starts in 1848 (an important time in our island history as the date of Emancipation of the enslaved population.) That year also marked the visit to what was then called the Danish West Indies, today's U.S. Virgin Islands, of a prominent Danish naturalist by the name of Anders Sandøe Ørsted. He was so impressed with the nature of these islands that he wrote an interesting report on them that was later included in a large volume of lithographs and texts about Danish towns and possessions that included six images from St. Croix, St. Thomas and St. John. (The text and images from the islands are available in book form in English and Danish as "Islands of Beauty and Bounty"/"Dansk Vestindien.")

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Dive Experience Boasts New Location!


We've moved! Dive Experience, St Croix's oldest established dive operator, has moved to the Christiansted boardwalk at the Kings Alley Hotel with their Dive Experience II dive boat just steps away on the waterfront dock!

As St Croix's first PADI 5-Star Dive Center, Dive Experience has been teaching people to dive from novice (Discover Diving Program) to professional dive instructors for 32 years. "The new store is much bigger," says owner Michelle Pugh, "and will not only be a full-service dive center, but will cater to the non-diver, St. Croix visitors, and locals. Over the years I have had people asking for products from toothbrushes, bottled water, and clothing to a cup of coffee. Now it will be available to them."

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