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30th Annual Women Race

30-annual-women-raceThe Women's Coalition of St. Croix celebrates 30 years of The Women Race! Join this year's run at the Frederiksted Fort on June 1st at 4:45 p.m. All people of all ages are invited to run, walk, talk and have fun as they participate in this event. The race has traditionally drawn over 400 participants, making it one of St. Croix's most exciting races and fundraising events.

This year's race is dedicated to Mary Mingus, founder and co-director of the Women's Coalition of St. Croix for 33 years, in recognition and celebration of her service to St. Croix and unwavering commitment and hard work to end violence against women.

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13th Annual Mango Melee

mango-melee-title-2014Summertime in St. Croix is mango season! Its abundance is celebrated at the annual Mango Melee and Tropical Fruit Festival at the St. George Village Botanical Garden! With a supremely distinctive shape, smell, color and taste, no other fruit evokes the warmth, flavors, fragrances and exotic beauty of this "Queen of Tropical Fruit."

Mango Melee is St. Croix's most popular summer festival and teaches us about the fruit's agricultural and horticultural potential. You will see over 80 varieties of mango and over 30 other types of fruit - all of which are grown on St. Croix! For those who have never heard of bilimbi or miracle fruit, or have ever wondered what to do with jackfruit, a visit to Mango Melee is a fun and educational experience!

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Come Home to St. Croix 2014

come-home-to-st-croixThis month all of St. Croix prepares for an annual celebration of culture, history and family connections. The signature summer program of the St. Croix Landmarks Society, Come Home to St. Croix, makes it easy for Crucians, others who have made St. Croix their home, and visitors to learn about the things that set St. Croix apart.

It is a joyous 8-day reflection on who we are and the experiences that have shaped our values, beliefs and traditions. The 4th Annual celebration opens with a Ceremony to Honor Our Ancestors, a moving tribute during which the names of loved ones are added to a roll call of those who came before us, as a traditional libation is poured. Set at Estate Whim Museum, the ceremony and all the week's activities are designed for learning, healing, strengthening and celebrating the bonds of family and friendship.

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Wine in the VI: Belle Glos Meiomi Pinot Noir

wine-in-the-vi-meiomiRoger Shepherd, of Glazer's Premier Distributors, reps hundreds of wines. He has his favorites. "Meiomi Pinot Noir makes it into my Top Five," he said. "It's my go-to wine for special occasions. I served it at Easter with lamb; I served it at Thanksgiving." (And he'll savor a romantic bottle with just his wife.)

You pronounce it "may-oh-mee." The name means "coast" in the native tongue of the Californian Wappo Tribe.

From the Wagner Family of Wine (think Caymus), Meiomi is a blend of Pinot Noir grapes from three single vineyards in different coastal regions: Monterey County, Santa Barbara County and Sonoma County. Each region contributes a unique quality to the wine.

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La Reine Chicken Shack: Where it Feels Like Home

la-reine-chicken-shack-titleWhat do a realtor and a law enforcement officer know about cooking? Not much but they learned! When cousins Robbie Leguillou and Angel Diaz, Jr. bought Junie's BBQ 13 years ago, they kept 4 of the original employees and immersed themselves in all the details of owning a restaurant after their fathers passed on the opportunity.

It was Angel, Sr. who finally got the seasoning "just right" for their now famous chicken and Angel Jr.'s wife, Carmen, and Robbie who thought up the clever logo with chickens and pigs playing dominos.

The menu developed out of local Puerto Rican and Crucian comfort food--Roasted and Stew Chicken, Stew Goat, BBQ Ribs, Roast Pork, Conch in Butter Sauce, Salmon and Conch Balls, and Pot and King Fish, Lobster Salad or Stew, Mahi Mahi in Butter Sauce or Fish with Fungi & Salad lovingly cooked by Hortensia Rosa.

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Meet Cover Artist: Wayne "Bully" Petersen


cover-artist-petersonWayne E. Petersen, affectionately known as Bully, is a self-made artist who was not to discover for many years what would make him a "culture bearer of St. Croix."

The son of Crucian-born parents, Alexander A. Petersen and Sylvia M. Sakers-Gibbs, he was born in Puerto Rico while his father served in the US Army there. The family moved back to St. Croix in 1960 when Bully was 5 where he attended the Claude O. Markoe School in Frederiksted through the 8th grade, graduating from Central High School in 1972.

As young boys, Bully and his brother, Alex Jr., would get into drawing contests with each other and even created their own comic book super hero characters at one time. Bully did a lot of doodling and got into drawing contests with friends at school but never took his artistic skills very seriously.

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VI Bridal Guide: Weddings Unplugged

vi-bridal-guide-weddings-unpluggedNowadays, access to information, video, and images are just a google search away. Updating social media has almost become the norm in many ways. It is not unheard of to find photos on Facebook of an event still in progress. Everything is instant, searchable, and open for public consumption, even your wedding.

However, there seems to be a growing trend that, as a photographer, I find refreshing. Unplugged weddings. This is a wedding where the couple requests all guests to turn off/put away their electronic devices during the wedding and may also request that guests refrain from posting images of their wedding on Instagram and Facebook while the celebration is in progress.

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From Snorkeler to TEC Diver, Cane Bay Dive Has It All!

watersports-tec-diverWhat time would you like to try diving, snorkeling or schedule your shore dive? Cane Bay Dive Shop has many options for you to choose from with the largest flexibility of any dive shop on St Croix. Offered daily are snorkeling trips, shore dives, discover scuba dives and boat dives. If you would like to schedule a class while visiting the island we offer classes daily as well -- you can become certified, continue with an advanced certification, renew your CPR, learn fish and coral ID, become a rescue diver and even work towards becoming a PADI Divemaster or Instructor.

Cane Bay Dive Shop's main location is on St Croix's north shore directly across the street from the breathtaking Cane Bay Beach, a thriving reef terrace, and the famous Cane Bay Wall, one of the top dives in the Caribbean/Atlantic region. Our family-friendly facility makes it possible for you to dive, snorkel or just relax on the beach. Our services and amenities make Cane Bay Dive Shop the perfect spot for the entire family, regardless of age.

Continue reading "From Snorkeler to TEC Diver, Cane Bay Dive Has It All!" »

A True Story about a Crucian Boy in Denmark

crucian-boyby Nina York

In 1905, while today's U.S. Virgin Islands were still the Danish West Indies, a request from Danish authorities was made to send two young native Crucian children to Denmark to educate them to become school teachers back home in St. Croix. A six-year-old boy and an even younger little girl, Victor and Alberta, were selected - with their parents' permission ,Aei for this project, the wisdom of which can be debated. On their arrival in Denmark, they were placed in an orphanage where they were to receive their education, but prior to that, they were installed at an exhibit in the Tivoli Amusement Park in Copenhagen that told the story of the Danish colonies, one of which was the Danish West Indies. It is hard to believe, but they were put on display in a cage for public viewing as if they were animals in a zoo.

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Join these Free SEA (St. Croix Environmental Association) Activities in June and July!

stx-environmental-associationLeatherback Sea Turtle Watches
Sandy Point National Wildlife Refuge

Thursday, June 5 -- Nesting watches begin at 7:45 pm and end at midnight or later so are not appropriate for children under 6 years of age.

Tuesday, July 8 & Thursday, July 24 -- Hatchling watches begin at 5:15 pm and end between 8-9:00 pm. This is a great activity for children and the whole family! You must be a SEA member to attend watches with SEA. Please call for reservations and membership information.

Leatherback sea turtle nesting watches are provided by the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service at Sandy Point National Wildlife Refuge. If you would like to schedule a sea turtle watch for a group of 15-30 people, call U.S. Fish & Wildlife directly.

Beach Clean-up & Sea Turtle Talk

Saturday, June 14, 7:30 am -- 10:30 am. Help keep the beach safe for nesting sea turtles! Closed shoes, hats, and sunscreen recommended plus water to drink. Students earn community service ours for beach clean-ups. Free for all, registration not required but appreciated.

Free Snorkel Clinic
Saturday, June 21 -- Cramer Park
Saturday, July 19 -- Frederksted

Learn to snorkel or advance your skills between 10:00 -- 12 noon. School-aged children to adults are welcome. SEA will provide instruction, gear, and light refreshments. Registration is not required but appreciated. SEA snorkel clinics are sponsored by Reef Jam.

St. Croix Environmental Association
www.stxenvironmental.org -- 340-773-1989
U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service -- 340-690-9452


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