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For 43 years, ST. CROIX THIS WEEK has helped millions of visitors explore the sights and activities available on the beautiful island of St. Croix, US Virgin Islands!

Inside the magazine, which you can download here, and this website, you'll find valuable vacation planning information including Island Maps, Attractions & Tours, Easy Shopping and Dining Guides, a Beach Directory and more!

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Savvy Buying

savvy-real-estate-buyingby Amy Land-de Wilde

We love what we do! Our business brings us people like you--people who have discovered our island, fallen in love with its beauty and our lifestyle and want to make it a part of their lives.

All real estate searches begin with a detailed discussion of hopes, dreams, lifestyle, the future, and budget--how you're going to pay for it.

If you're one of the fortunate ones who can pay cash for your dream, you'll probably see more flexibility with sellers. And speaking of financing, if that's the way you'll go, you must get your financing in the U.S. Virgin Islands, or you can take out equity on a property you own stateside and pay cash down here.

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Summer Sailing

summer-sailing-titleLearn to sail or advance your skills at the St. Croix Yacht Club this summer! Beginner, intermediate, and advanced classes are available for Optimist, Sunfish, and 420s in three sessions starting June 22.

The Optimist is the largest sailboat class in the world and is the sailboat that nearly all of the greatest sailors in the world learn to sail. One person sails this 8-foot boat and learns the basics of sailing, tying knots, sail trim, steering, bailing water, rigging, derigging, teamwork, and safety.

The self-bailing Sunfish is a natural progression from the Optimist Pram. Sailors will learn the ins and outs of rigging the Sunfish. With a larger sail area, and a boat conducive to 2, participants will be exposed to the positions of Captain and Crew. In the Sunfish Intermediate course, sailors will continue to work on executing, starts and understanding the race course strategy. After completing this course, SCYC has seen its sailors go as far as youth Olympics!

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The Ocean is Your Playground -- Your All-In-One Beach Day!


ocean-is-your-playgroundDo you have a constant yearning to be out on the crystal blue Caribbean water? From those looking for picturesque scenery, to those who want to cruise fast, jump some waves, and feel the wind on their face, West End Water Sports is the place to be on St. Croix. Located on Rainbow Beach, 1 mile north of the Frederiksted Pier, West End Water Sports caters to all ages and experience levels and provides a new fleet of top-of-the line jet-ski's for you to rent year round.

Jet-Skiing is a great time for people of ALL ages and experience with the modern "Jet-Ski" being much sturdier and easier to ride than its predecessors of years ago. Brian and Scott, the friendly owner/operators, explain how easy it is by telling new riders simply to "hop on, press start and squeeze the trigger" (after the safety briefing, of course!).

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Danish Summer Tradition Adopted Locally


by Nina York

In Denmark at this time of year, the days are so long that many people forget about the need to get a full night's sleep. If the weather is pleasant, with temperatures close to 20 Centigrades (approaching 70o F), there is a jubilant mood prevailing everywhere, The beaches will be crowded, and many inland residents place themselves on lounge chairs facing the sun for as long as they can spare the time.

What a contrast to the manner in which we confront our almost constant tropical sun! Here we seek the shade, to avoid burns and overheating of our bodies, but we share with the Danes a love of beach-going and find ourselves far more comfortable with water temperatures in the 80o's F (as do the Danes when they visit here).

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VI Bridal Guide: Face Time

vi-bridal-guide-facetime-titleFor many couples, their first experience with a professional photographer is their wedding day. Photography tends to be a prime piece of the wedding budget as well as the most important item on a couple's list. As a professional photographer, I feel it's important to prepare for this experience in advance. I have worked with all types of couples-some need very little direction and others need guidance every step of the way. Why is that?

Wedding photography is a specific genre of photography that combines several photographic styles in one including fashion, editorial, journalism, and sports (believe it or not). Thus for the photographer, communication, technical as well as people skills, composition, creativity, and timing are paramount to mastering this genre.

For the wedding couple, their wedding day is similar to a crash course in modeling 101. Like anything that looks easy, modeling is a skill. Some can do it naturally and some have to learn. The thought of this may feel uncomfortable. So how do you prepare? How do you ensure your photos turn out amazing?

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Meet Cover Photographer Tina Henle

cover-artist-tina-henle"Photography and art have always been a part of my life. I was raised on St. Croix and greatly influenced by my father Fritz Henle and his extraordinary photographic artistry. My mother Marguerite was his assistant and we were all his models at various times.

Assisting him on assignments was routine and our home was a gallery for his work. There was a constant attention to the unending beauty of our tropical surroundings, the magnificent Caribbean light, and my father's readiness to capture whatever imagery was presenting itself. We always joked that he "lived with the camera around his neck."

Our home was filled with classical music, libraries of interesting books and dinnertime was about sharing stories. My siblings and I were encouraged to explore and be creative. The beaches and sea were our playground. My childhood was filled with many wonderful teachers. Dance became my first love at age nine and I spent many years under the guidance of Atti Bermudez who founded the Theatre Dance Company. She constantly encouraged her students to find their own self expression in dance as well as in all the arts.

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Thali Indian Grill

thali-indian-grill"I love Indian food, maybe because I was born and raised in India, but even today, after living in America for over 30 years and traveling all over Europe, I can't find a cuisine that satisfies me more. Eating tasty food to me is like meditation-it gives me a different kind of satisfaction."

So says Gary Udhwani who recently opened Thali Indian Grill along with his partner Sally Balkaran. "Sally was a good cook but I new Indian recipes. Together we brought the first Indian restaurant to the island. I am a good food critic and I know how I like my food to taste. I believed that, if I liked it, most of my customers would too.

I've had several customers say, "If this is what vegetarian food tastes like, I could become a vegetarian!" The meats, although we don't serve pork or beef, taste just as awesome. Indian food is automatically healthy-the Ayurvedic spices have medicinal values.

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Summer Sea Turtle Hatchling Watches: Experience a Miracle of Nature!

feature-hatchlingsSea turtles are among the largest living reptiles, spend almost their entire lives at sea but lay their eggs on land. The leatherback, hawksbill, green and loggerhead sea turtle are found nesting on the beaches and swimming in the waters of the U.S. Virgin Islands. The leatherback is the largest with females weighing in at 600 - 800 pounds!

Crawling ashore to lay their eggs, they use their front flippers to excavate body pits and fling the upper layer of dry sand away. With their bodies in this pit, they use their rear flippers to dig an egg chamber. The female will deposit about 80 to 150 eggs, cover them with sand and return to the sea.

The eggs incubate for about 2 months then the hatchlings crawl to the surface of the sand, wait for it to cool at sunset and then race to the sea. Here they spend several days swimming far off shore to drift lines where they can rest, eat, and grow. All four of these sea turtle species are designated as threatened or endangered and are protected by the Endangered Species Act.

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APRIL - Eat, Drink & Be Merry!


eat-drink-be-merryThe St. Croix Food & Wine Experience, named one of the Ten Best International Food and Wine Festivals by Forbes Travel, showcases the diverse cuisine and wine available on St. Croix. Decadent and dynamic events, hosted by celebrated chefs and renowned wine makers, are scheduled for April 12 - 18 during this award-winning Caribbean Culinary Festival!

It all starts with Cuisine on the Green at Carambola with culinary bites and cocktail samples at select tees. Next comes Tutto Bene's Gourmet Vintner Dinner on the 14th pairing Chef Todd Gray with Sommelier Ellen Kassoff Gray including a gourmet-themed auction. That same night, you can choose to dine around Christiansted in the City Crawl to include Cafe Christine's, Rumrunners, and Zion Modern Kitchen. Follow up with Just Desserts at Zion Modern Kitchen with Chef Duff Goldman of Charm City Cakes and host of the Food network's Duff Til Dawn and Ace of Cakes.

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MAY - Conquer the Beast!


Sunday, May 3, the 27th Annual St. Croix Ironman 70.3 Triathlon comes alive! This premier destination event combines the beauty of St. Croix with the challenge of an unforgettable course. Hundreds of athletes from all over the world vie for a slot in the Ironman 70.3 World Championships.

Swim. 1.24 miles. The early morning swim starts on the beach at Hotel on the Cay, in Christiansted Harbor, and follows a triangular course in sometimes choppy water. The course, marked by small orange and white buoys ends at the wharf area with a ramp exit.

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