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Local Beekeepers Celebrate with 4th Annual Buzzaar!

local-bee-keepers-title.jpgSeptember is National Honey Month and here on St. Croix we celebrate Nature's Original Sweetner with this wonderful, annual event! The Buzzaar showcases honey products and promotes awareness of the beekeeping sector of the agricultural industry in the VI, its importance to our food supply, and its connection to the general well-being of our community. The yearly Beekeepers' Buzzaar also provides an outlet for producers, processors, and consumers to interact.

This year beekeepers will have a wide variety of products for sale, including honey, honey based salad dressings, mead or honey wine, honey vinegar, lotions, lip balms, candies, candles, bees wax, bee pollen, and soaps. In addition, the event will feature educational presentations on safety, a question and answer station for children and prizes.

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Wine in the VI: EPPA SupraFruta Sangria

wine-in-the-vi-title.jpgBy Anne Salafia

In the heat of summer, we love refreshment. Big red wines take a back seat; Sauvignon Blancs and Ros'es move center stage. Bertrand Overbeek, Director of Wines at Bellows International, opts for sangria. Namely, Eppa SupraFruta Sangria--a new take on the Spanish classic.

"I am a huge fan of sangria, especially in this climate," said Overbeek. He calls EPPA "the new wine-edgy thing."

Spanish restaurants make sangria fresh, using a blend of wines, a bit brandy, ice, and fruits. They serve it from a large jar. Eppa makes its own antioxidant-rich version that you can buy by the bottle--red or white.

"It's the only sangria made with real superfruit juices and certified organic grapes," said Overbeek. (Think pomegranates, blueberries, Mediterranean blood oranges, acai berries, peaches, and mangos.) The grapes come from certified organic wineries in France and from an organic winery in Mendocino, California.

Eppa Red has twice the antioxidants per glass as red wine.

You'll note an orange and lemon-lime nose along with the aroma of a rich red wine, in Eppa Red. On the pallet, you'll find dark berry, pomegranate and orange flavors. Eppa White offers scents of peach and mango and flavors of lemon, lime, mango, pineapple and orange.

Spaniards exclaim Eppa! (It means WOW!) Ready to wow yourself? Pour Eppa over ice and garnish with fruit. Look for it at Food Fair, Plaza Extra, Food Town and Cost-u-Less. Here's to your health!

Breezez - Your Family Restaurant for 19 Years!

breezez-articleA favorite with visitors and locals, Breezez is located five minutes East of Christiansted and sits poolside and oceanside at Club St. Croix. A relaxed, "neighborhood" atmosphere, they are open for lunch and dinner 24/7 and brunch every Sunday.

Over recent years, Breezez has accumulated many of the VI Daily News Reader's Poll Awards for "St. Croix's Best Family Restaurant, " "St. Croix's Best Frozen Drinks," and "St. Croix's Best Menu Brunch."

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Meet Cover Artist Phyllis Charles

artist-peterson-image-1.jpgAlthough born in California, Phyllis Charles has lived in a variety of places including Peru and Holland, but grew up in Puerto Rico and considers Fajardo her 'home town.' During her peripatetic life, Phyllis evinced an interest in art and studied art at Colegio Universitario del Sagrado Corazon in San Juan, PR., Notre Dame of Maryland, San Marcos in Lima Peru, and Colgate University in Hamilton New York from which she finally graduated with a degree in political philosophy and English in 1973.

Since the 1970's and 80's, Phyllis was involved in many of the fabric arts including batik, soft sculpture, quilting and serigraphy and was a founder of Village Artists and Craftsmen of Central New York, and co-produced a number of juried art and craft shows in the region. Phyllis founded and owned Purple Thumb Plants, Inc. a company producing soft sculptured and silk-screened plants and animals and designed and marketed the products "until St. Croix beckoned in the late 80's," she says.

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VI Bridal Guide: More Time or More Coverage?

vi-bridal-guideIt seems the moment you mention the word wedding, the prices for items and services seem to double. It's fun to plan all the details for your wedding but it's the paying for the details (no matter the budget) that is less glamorous. When thinking of ways to make your wedding cost effective yet chic, fun, and memorable, you need to get creative. Even if you are not the DIY type, creatively navigating your way to wedding day savings is for you as well.

Smaller destination weddings naturally require less time for wedding day photography coverage. That being said, I have met with clients who believe they only needed a few hours of photography only to discover they needed an additional hour or two on the day of the wedding. Was it more time they needed or more coverage?

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A Treasure Found in Official Danish West Indies Documents


During the years our Virgin Islands were known as the Danish West Indies, from 1666 in the case of St. Thomas, 1717 for St. John, and 1733 for St. Croix, the government and ecclesiastical authorities kept very thorough records of almost all aspects of activity they came into contact with. From records of births and baptisms to burial protocols, recording not only the name of the deceased but his or her residence, occupation, birthplace, religious affiliation, marital status, and cause of death as well as burial plot number and location, we are given an in-depth picture of the people that inhabited these little islands. When it comes to commercial activity, we are equally fortunate in having at our disposal records of every shipment that arrived here by boat, as well as of every export shipment that left our harbors.

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Discover or Re-discover a Love of Diving With N2 The Blue

Welcome to N2theBlue! People make things great and one of the best parts of diving in the Caribbean is most everyone here is on vacation having the time of their life! With that freedom, people want to experience something they will always remember- to escape and explore something completely new. Scuba diving is exactly that!

Founded in 2002, specializing in boutique, private/semi-private, small group diving, our staff has been with us for years, and you, our guests, are welcome into the waters like family. Many of our guests have been diving with us for years returning again and again for the experience, service, and joy of diving St. Croix.

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Lionfish - Our Beautiful, Tasty Predator!

linofishThe Indo-Pacific Lionfish, popular with aquarium hobbyists, is a dramatically-striped fish, named for the mane-like spread of feathery fins that fan out from its body. Although lionfish were occasionally seen in South Florida, possibly released by their owners when they got too big, in the past 10 years their population has exploded in the Caribbean.

The Lionfish is often found stationary, resting against rocks or under coral ledges allowing you to get a close look. Unfortunately, they are invasive and harmful to the environment and have been documented eating an average of 85% of the juvenile fish on reef in a 5-week period. They are also prolific breeders-Lionfish have been observed breeding every month of the year; a single adult female can release over 30,000 eggs as often as every 4 days!

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ARTS in the U. S. Virgin Islands

arts-in-the-viPart 14 in a series

This is the final installment and update on the Virgin Islands Council on the Arts today, by the current Executive Director, Betty L. Mahoney, after many months of excerpts from "Arts in the U. S. Virgin Islands" by Ruth S. Moore and David M. Hough of the Caribbean Research Institute of the then College of the Virgin Islands, written in 1967 for VICA.

arts-in-the-viPRESENT AND FUTURE

When the name Virgin Islands Council on the Arts (VICA) is mentioned most people think very fondly of a kind and gentle Virgin Islander, John Jowers who, three years after the Council was created, returned to the Territory to head the agency and for thirty three years spent his life living and teaching the appreciation and preservation of the arts and culture.

From its inception in 1966, VICA has been the primary source of funding and support for the arts and culture in the Virgin Islands. The Council continues its quest for the preservation and proliferation of the arts and have increased its grantee base to include a wide variety of artistic endeavors such as CD and video production, arts and cultural education, creative wood design, folk life and music festivals, concerts, support and collaborations with art based and community groups, schools and government agencies.

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St. Croix Waterfront Living-Check!


When you think of living in a tropical paradise, what is the first picture that pops into your head? Golfing on a verdant course? Check! Scuba diving or snorkeling with brightly-colored corals and fish? Check! Sailing, fishing, or kayaking in a bioluminescent bay? Check, check, check! Tennis with friends or hiking among historic ruins? Once more, check and check!

If you're like so many, you are probably mostly visualizing a morning walk or stroll at dusk on a sandy beach along a beautiful coastline with the sparkling Caribbean lapping at your toes; or maybe snoozing while you read under the shade of a palm tree listening to the gentle waves in the background.

You will get so much value for your dollar when you compare our costs to purchase waterfront property here compared to other locations in the U.S., especially resort locations! You can buy a home here for the cost of an unimproved lot in some places in the States and generally for a lot less-and on crystal-clear blue water where you can see your feet!

Continue reading "St. Croix Waterfront Living-Check!" »


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